The S1M

About the Soling One Meter: The Soling One Meter kit is a radio-controlled scaled version of the Olympic class Soling racing boat (with class sail symbol “Omega”).  It is a low-cost, kit-based one-design class targeted toward getting new skippers and hobbyists involved in model yachting. The Soling One Meter Class philosophy is to provide a low-cost one-design model suitable for introducing newcomers to the hobby, while offering enough performance to keep long-time model sailors interested. All aspects related to performance are intended to be restricted to what can be achieved by building the kit straight from the manufacturer’s plans. Other aspects not affecting performance are not as strictly controlled.The Soling One Meter Class was introduced to the class in 1993. Since that time it has become the largest class in the organization, with just over 800 boats registered in late 2006. The Soling One Meter also qualifies in the open design US One Meter Class.Solings must be built from a kit available from a single manufacturer, Victor Model Products, of DeRidder, LA. This model boat can be purchased as a kit in hobby stores, or ordered directly from Victor Model Products. The hull and deck are vacuum formed styrene plastic, the spars are wood, sails are flat and unpaneled. The boat sails well, satisfying even veteran skippers with its balance and handling. It is also available factory assembled from the manufacturer. Learn more about the Soling One Meter class by reviewing the Class Rules posted on the AMYA site.

The Soling One Meter class is managed by the AMYA Soling One Meter Class Secretary and an appointed Class Advisory Committee.  There is also a lively discussion about everything S1M-related on the Soling One Meter Yahoo! Group.

Class Secretary:

Frank Vella
3670 Seymour Lake Drive
Ortonville, Michigan 48462
tel: 248-563-4323

Victor Model Products
379 County Line Rd
DeRidder, LA 70634
tel: 337-202-1916

39.38 inches
10 pounds minimum
Sail Area:
592 sq. inches
Approx. 10 inches
Mast height:
52 inches
Overall height:
65 inches


Every boat that is a member of the class has the same size and shape of hull, type of rigging, sail area, weight and dimension – making each boat the same as every other. This way it is possible to ensure equal performance of the boats and permit ‘level-boat’ racing – where the skills of the skipper are more important than the performance of the boat!

The boat is propelled by the natural action of the wind and water on the hulls, sails and rigging.  There are no engines, no propellers.  The skipper controls where the boat is point and the position of the sails, and the best skippers are able to do this in a manner that permits their boat to get around a prescribed course faster than the rest of the fleet.

Soling One Meter class model sailboats are the most common type of radio controlled sailboat in the United States.  There are more than 800 boats registered with the class association, and almost 400 registered in the local region.  Like ‘big boats’, there are local, regional and national championships.