Sarasota Model Yacht Club Information: Our club sails the American Model Yachting Association-sanctioned one-design Soling One Meter R/C and RCLaser model yachts. The club meets three times per week for practice and racing at the Nathan Benderson Park  at the south end of the University Town Center Mall which is located at Exit 213 on I-75 . The Soling 1- Meter kit-based model is a pleasure to sail. As a one-design, it is an ideal introduction to model yachting, yet it provides a  competitive boat  for the best of veterans as well and is available from Victor Model Products  or from “Boatyard John” (our club builder). The RCLaser is factory built ready to sail and available at intensitysails.com All skill levels are welcome, from neophytes to crusty old salts! You will find that our members can be very helpful in getting you involved with this great hobby. Come on out to watch the hard fought races or join us for practice and racing.


Club History:

The Club (SMYC) got its start in Sarasota in 1996.

  • What Kind of Boats do we Race?Soling One Meter(S1M). This is the largest class in the US and Fl.
  • RCLaser. This is the largest RC class in the world.

Where do we Race?

Benderson Park Lake (just South of the UTC Mall).

If necessary we do have a  backup site; The Meadows next to their Community Center (2004 Longmeadow). This is nearby Nathan Benderon Park.

When do we Race?

Saturday 10-12 all year and Tuesday, Thursday 1 – 3 (Fall, Winter and Spring). During the summer we change to 10 – Noon on Tuesday and Thursday, Saturday remains the same.  Thursday is our “counting day” for our Series Races (Fall, Winter and Summer).

Do we accept Beginners?

We encourage sailors of all skill levels to join us. A Mentor Program is available for beginners.

How can I get a S1M or RCLaser and how much do they cost?

Soling 1m:  We have a member called “Boat Yard” who has used/refurbished S1Ms’ for sale. You can also purchase a kit from Victor Model Products and build it yourself. You can also buy a new ready-toyou-sail boat. Your cost can vary from say $250 for a boat needing work to $1,100 for a new, ready-to-sail boat.

RCLaser:  A new RCLaser is available at intensitysails.com at a cost of less then $600 with 3 complete rigs.


Do we have Dues/Fees?


Do we belong to a National Organization?

American Model Yachting Association (AMYA). They also have many resources for Individual members. Their web site is www.theamya.org.

Who is the Club’s contact person?

Commodore  Will Parry,  (321) 446-8144 or email

Rear Commodore Curt Kasten   (417) 380-2524 or email

For website questions  Tony Bryan email

Our web site is www.sarasotamyc.com. There is a YouTube video of the club here

Also, for a YouTube video of the club, broadcast on Sarasota Channel 7,  from August 2017, is viewable here

Click here for photos of the 12 March 2016 Winter Regatta hosted by the Sarasota Model Yacht Club

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AMYA Club #204 Officers

Commodore: Will Parry

Vice Commodore: Bill Schmeising

Rear Commodore: Curt Kasten

Treasurer: Trevor Lambert

Race Director: Craig Collemer

Board Member-at-Large: John Stryhn

Racing on Tuesday and Saturday is fun racing and a good time to practice. Thursday is championship racing and all scores count towards the Fall and Winter series.

If there are 8 or less boats racing, there will be one fleet.  If there are 9 or more boats racing, there will be 2 or more fleets. Scoring is based on a percentage basis.  If the series ends with 60 races, each skipper must count a minimum of half the races sailed, or in this case, 30 races.


About the Soling One Meter:

 The Soling One Meter is a low-cost, kit-based one-design class targeted toward getting new skippers and hobbyists involved in model yachting. The Soling One Meter Class philosophy is to provide a low-cost one-design model suitable for introducing newcomers to the hobby, while offering enough performance to keep the interest of long-time model sailors. All aspects related to performance are intended to be restricted to what can be achieved by building the kit straight from the manufacturer’s plans.  Other aspects not affecting performance are not as strictly controlled.  The Soling One Meter Class was introduced to the AMYA in 1993. Since that time it has become the largest class in the organization.

Solings must be built from a kit available from a single manufacturer, Victor Model Products of DeRidder, LA. This manufacturer and others also offer partially or fully assembled yachts. The hull and deck are vacuum formed styrene plastic, the spars are wood, and the sails are flat and unpaneled. Despite these limitations, the boat sails well, satisfying even veteran skippers with its balance and handling.  The Soling One Meter class is managed by the AMYA Soling One Meter Class Secretary and an appointed Class Advisory Committee. The Soling One Meter Class Rules page can be found on this site.


About the RCLaser:

The Remote Control (R/C) Laser Model is a scale version of the famous “one design” Laser, the most popular “real boat” sailing class in the world.

The R/C Laser, however, does not require a trailer, life jackets, or hours of set-up time before you can be on the water and sailing. The R/C Laser was designed to be up and sailing out of the box in under 7 minutes. All you need is 2 feet of water, a desire to sail, and some wind. Just snap in the keel, mast, and rudder assemblies…slip in the batteries…clip on the sails and you are ready to go. It is that simple.
The RCLaser class is managed by the AMYA RCLaser Class Secretary and an appointed Class Advisory Committee. The RCLaser Class Rules page can be found at RCLaser.org


Soling 1m – under sail


For more information, please contact

Will Parry (321-446-8144) or email


RCLaser under sail

For more information, please contact

David Fine (401-241-7500) or email



Recent events:

2018 Annual Award’s Banquet Award Recipients
Commodore’s Award – Nick Morgan
Race Director’s Most Improved Sailor  – Richard Lomax
Congratulations to Mike and Peter Feldman who represented SMYC at the 2018 All-Florida Cup (Soling 1 Meter) in Sebring and finished first as a team and Peter finished first as an individual sailor.  They represented SMYC proudly and with class…first class!


On October 19-21, 2018, The club will be the host site for a VICTORIA class regatta.  The following two documents contains all the relevant information to participate.

2018 Victoria National Championship Regatta NOR

2018 Victoria NCR Entry Form



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